July 13, 2023

What kind of suffering can a loofah go through from an old loofah to a face towel?

When I wrote about steel balls and double bamboo sponge, everyone mentioned the other giant of the dishwashing industry - the old loofah!

Recently, I ate a little old loofah, and I suddenly remembered this crop... I remember that most of the loofahs for washing dishes are like this, round, with capsules in them~

Or a loofah bath towel, looking like a little expert in mud rubbing.

Turned out the loofah was even a big apartment! Like this.

How is this big flat loofah made? This starts with how an old loofah will be hit. ...

peeled and seeded

First, the farmer me took us to the dream farm loofah bulk loofah 6 inch shed (starting uncontrollable dreams again). Soft loofahs are delicious, but the fibers inside have not aged well and are not suitable for loofah netting. Therefore, when the loofah gets old, the soft interior of the loofah becomes full of fibers. Then, you can pick and make a loofah. Check out the loofah below, it has turned yellow, hardened, and dried out. Peel off the skin to reveal a hollow, rough web of fibers. If it is not so easy to peel, you can first pull it with a knife and tap it a few times, which will make it easier to peel.

Then it is necessary to remove the seeds of the hemp sponge, and the seeded loofah will directly skip to the next link. The loofah at this moment is firm on the outside and soft on the inside, with a lot of water in it. You can stroke it from the beginning to the end directly to squeeze out the seeds, which is a bit emmmm to operate. ...

Or when it is a little dry, the seeds can be dropped out by tapping.

There is also a lot of water, and the black loofah seeds are rinsed out along with the full lather.

dry cut

Now we wash the loofah several times, remove the juice inside and dry it, ready to continue processing~

dishwashing loofah

After drying the loofah, cut a few sections directly from the middle, and use it as a dish sponge. The lanyard is a small commodity, old and convenient~

But if you want to make a smooth loofah towel, you have to work hard for a while~

Flaky Loofah

First, a loofah molecule is cut along different sides, and then the inner loofah pulp is removed, so that we can expand the surface area of the loofah into a whole piece.

The entire outer surface of the loofah is then fibrillated and flattened by passing through two rollers.

Punching and flattening

After the loofah fiber is pressed into a sheet, continue to punch out the desired shape on it. This step is no different from the cloth we usually cut.

Then pass through the rollers that the people from top to bottom of the company turn counterclockwise, and flatten it once.

hem wrap

Then you can fold the loofah, cotton cloth, and sponge to make a three-in-one bath towel.

Then sew the four sides, and cut off the excess fabric~ the gray one is to add a small strip for hanging.

You can also wrap the edges with cloth and sew a logo.

I was looking for a picture before, and mistakenly took this as a disposable slipper. As a result, I took a closer look at the product introduction, and it turned out to be loofah insoles! Just change the blanking mold~ For a moment, "loofah, loofah, do you have any surprises that I don't know about? That feeling. …

The last package is all right~

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